Cheap Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers | Guide To Getting Your Insurance Cheaper

From young drivers to convicted drivers, everyone wants to know the secret of how to get their Car insurance cheaper. However, for someone looking for Car insurance with convictions it’s not an easy task to find a cheap Convicted Driver insurance policy.

As someone looking for cheap Car insurance for convicted drivers you may find it hard to achieve that goal by going through a mainstream Car insurance company, unless you have a small conviction such as a minor speeding conviction then, in that case, you might find it easier to get a competitive Vehicle insurance quote. However, for someone with an IN10 code on their licence, they might not find it easy to get a competitive quote.

Choose a Sensible Car for Your Convicted Driver Insurance

If you are returning from a driving ban and are now looking for great rates for drivers with convictions then you will struggle to find a cheap Car insurance quote if you have an expensive/high end car that regularly attracts high insurance quotes. Couple that with your convictions and you shouldn’t expect a cheap Car insurance premium at all.

It might be hard for you to part with your pride and joy but if you are looking for Vehicle insurance at a price you’re happy with then you may have to trade it in for a more sensible car, at least until your convictions have been spent and you are no longer required to declare them when taking out Vehicle insurance.

Shop Around for Your Vehicle Insurance by Using a Broker

As someone who wants to find cheap Car insurance you’re best bet of achieving that aim will be by going to a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker. Mainstream insurance companies seldom have the underwriters necessary to offer drivers with convictions just like you a quote you’ll be happy with, let alone one you would consider competitive, so what can you do?

You can increase your chances of finding a competitive Vehicle insurance price by using a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker. They will have access to a panel of Convicted Driver insurance companies that will be able to offer you a rate that you will find acceptable. If it’s your first time taking our Car insurance as a driver with convictions then you might not be sure what you need to declare, but with a specialist broke you’ll likely be in experienced hands.

Don’t Lie About Your Convictions When Taking Out Convicted Driver Insurance

If you’re looking for cheap Car insurance as a convicted driver then one of the worst things you can do is lie about your conviction, whether that’s lying to your regular Car insurance provider about any convictions, or downplaying your conviction to a new insurer. It’s not a good idea and it’s almost a certainty that you will be found out.

In the very likely event your deceit regarding your driving conviction is revealed, then the best case scenario will be that your insurance policy is cancelled, however it will most likely be voided which would mean you were never properly insured in the first place which could lead to further criminal convictions which could possibly be an insurance fraud conviction, and in that scenario you’ll find it almost impossible to get insurance.

Drink or Drug Driving Rehab Courses

If your driving conviction or driving ban was related to drink or drug driving, then you may be given the opportunity to complete a rehabilitation course, in most cases that is. If you are eligible for a rehab course and do successfully complete it then you will most likely enhance your chances of obtaining a cheaper Car insurance quote for convicted drivers.

Completing a drink or drug driving rehab course will not just help you get a cheaper Car insurance quote but it will help you reduce your chances of reoffending, if the conviction hasn’t done that already.


Finding cheap Car insurance isn’t easy if you are a convicted driver, however by looking hard for a specialist Convicted Driver insurance broker you’re comfortable with then you’ll have a good chance of achieving that.

Remember to make sure you’re driving a sensible car, being truthful about your conviction and take any rehabilitation courses available to you, then you’ll find you might even improve your chances of getting a cheap Vehicle insurance quote even further.