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If you have an iSight camera, you can use the FireWire cable that comes with your iSight camera to connect your computer to another Mac to transfer files. To do this, you will need to boot one of the computers in Target mode by rebooting that system and holding down the T key while it reboots. The screen on that laptop will show the FireWire icon to let you know it is in Target mode.

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Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary for you to connect your Mac directly to another Mac to backup or sync files using ChronoSync. Usually, one would only use a direct connection when a network is not available or if you need to achieve the highest possible file transfer speeds. This guide explains various methods to connect a Mac directly to another Mac.

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Target Disk Mode has been a feature of the macOS since the PowerBook pictured right was released way back in Use a startup keyboard shortcut: This is the simplest way to start up a Mac in Target Display Mode; it will work with any Mac that has a functioning keyboard. In addition, some third-party wireless keyboards may have a problem with keyboard shortcuts at startup. Hold down the T key and start up your Mac.

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He writes:. Oh sure. Shut down the second Mac and string a FireWire cable between the two computers.

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User Name Remember Me? Connect two macs via Firewire? This is off topic

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If you have massive amounts of data to move from one Mac to another, file sharing over Wi-Fi may not be the best approach. If you need to transfer a file or two from one Mac to another, you may use a service like Dropbox, or copy them to a USB drive and move them manually; however, there are some built-in options that can be substantially faster, especially if you are transferring large amounts of data up to numerous gigabytes. To do this you might consider simply enabling file sharing on one of the systems, and then connecting to it from the second computer over whatever network connection you are currently using; however, in doing so you may end up using a relatively slow Wi-Fi connection that could take hours to complete, when with a small amount of effort you can transfer the data in a fraction of the time. Most of the connection options available will still use file sharing, with the exception that you make use of faster ports on your Mac.

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Connecting two Macs in order to migrate data user files, applications and settings from one to another is pretty much straightforward and uncomplicated process. As long as you can find the right cable that links two Macs together, you can start moving files in a few clicks. Before you start, make sure the storage space in the target computer is large enough to hold the data from the old computer otherwise the migration process will fail.

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If you have multiple MacBooks in your office and you want to be able to access one computer from another computer, use Apple's Target Disk mode. When using Target Disk mode, the first MacBook's hard disk appears as an external drive on the second machine. Make sure both laptops are connected to their power adapters, and then turn off the laptop that you want to use as the disk source and turn on the laptop that you want to use as the host computer. Click on the "Finder" dock icon on the host computer.


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